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Carta, aka Giorgio Carta, is a 21-year-old DJ and producer whose sound is very much a product of his surroundings. Born in Hong Kong but with stints in the UK, and now residing in Shanghai, Carta has risen through the ranks thanks to the explosion of dance music in China. He's the first Chinese-based producer to be signed to Spinnin' Records and has been gradually building a name for himself as one of Shanghai's most in-demand DJs.  

This year saw the young whippersnapper play all four of Ultra's Asian dates, whilst releasing his very first EP, 'Bring It Back'; a trifecta of varying timbres, ranging from glitchy vocaloid electro to garage-infused big room. It's clear, then, that Carta is still finding his production feet and being only the tender age of 21, there's still plenty of time for the young DJ and producer to hone his sound. And with China and Asia as a whole now considered an essential part of any DJs' touring schedule, Carta has positioned himself in the perfect place to reap the rewards of China's fascination with dance music culture.