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Porter Robinson

Just after last year’s poll, Porter Robinson released ‘Shelter’, an animated short film that had a soundtrack he produced with Madeon. It was his first new material in a long time and helped to pull him out of a bit of a slumber, as well as resulting in some high-octane collaborative live shows at places like Coachella. 

“I really REALLY love the music I’ve been working on, I missed this passion a lot,” he tweeted back in January, before explaining that self doubt and depression had “destroyed” him in the previous year. As such, he played fewer shows than previous years and instead worked hard “on finishing everything I started by myself” in 2016. 

That said, he’s still had time to play places like Las Vegas, Miami and California and work on a line of Shelter merchandise. Still only 25, his manager tell us Porter “is under some crazy tight deadlines at the moment,” so the suggestion is that some brand new music will arrive any time now. Best to keep them peeled.