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Will Sparks

From: Australia
DJ style: “Melbourne bounce.”
Best known for: “Melbourne bounce.”
Fave tune of 2018: “Will Sparks ‘Flakka Flakka’.”
Breakthrough DJ/ producer of 2018: “Fisher.”

Will Sparks has been flying this year — literally and metaphorically. The best known export of Melbourne bounce, the Australian city’s homegrown take on big room beats and snare-rolling, bass-dropping, dry ice-firing fanfare, he spent four months touring Europe over the summer, taking in festivals from Scotland’s Colourfest to Denmark’s Magicbox. It was just part of a packed year traversing continents, with Asia and America welcoming the energetic performer in the early part of 2018 to ensure that he’s been performing non-stop.

Teaming up with Dave Aude and vocalist Luciana (doing her best to channel the spirit of M.I.A.), his latest track ‘Flakka Flakka’ demonstrated his rip-roaring, rip-curling sound perfectly, a succession of finely crafted builds and drops keeping energy levels fully charged. Back on home ground now Down Under, the rest of the year sees him embarking on an extensive The Return tour.

Taking in all major cities, as well as the evocatively titled Surfers Paradise, he’s keeping on keeping on just like the Energiser bunny. “Life is good,” he tells us, unsurprisingly.