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Jay Hardway

From: Drunen, The Netherlands
DJ style: “Melodic, house-y progressive.”
Best known for: “My Martin Garrix collab ‘Wizard’, plus ‘Electric Elephants’.”
Fave tune of 2018: “Toby Green ‘Ready’.”
Breakthrough DJ/producer of 2018: “Osrin.”

A next-generation EDM powerhouse following in the wake of Hardwell and co, Spinnin’ singing Jay Hardway represents in the Top 100 for the third time in a row — jumping up four places. Rounding out another turbo-charged year that’s seen him churn out hits like ‘EDM Bubble’ (referring to an actual bubble, rather than any impending crash), Hardway confirms he’s been on a roll in the studio.

“This year I decided to focus on releasing and finishing a lot of music,” he says. “I feel like I stayed true to myself creatively and musically this year, and that was my main goal. It was also the year I started working in my new studio, rather than from home. This has made a huge difference, as I feel I can disconnect my private life from work, which in this lifestyle makes a huge difference in terms of mental and physical health.”

With DJs’ mental health still inspiring plenty of discussion, Hardway insists it should be paramount. “I feel many in our scene underestimate the importance of taking time off, in order just to stay healthy and sane,” he says. “I definitely have big respect for Hardwell for taking time off from touring.”