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Christopher and Alexandre van den Hoef are brothers, and not actually twins, although you'd be forgiven for making that mistake because they are so similar-looking and also perfectly in tune with each other. They are well-loved the world over, and 2019 has been no different – their kick-ass energy and slick visuals at shows press the ignite button several times over.

Crowd-pleasing euphoric singles 'Need U' and 'GOMF', featuring Vine luminary Casey Frey on their official video, were both 2019 success stories. Coming from a musical background and with roots in rock, it's little surprise that the younger of the brothers, Alex, also sometimes sings on their tracks.

There's some simmering hot news that a 'short album' is about to burst forth, and a series of live shows are being planned to back it up. And live means live — we're talking vocals, guitars, drums and synths all playing a part, with promises of this tour being a right proper rollercoaster performance.