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The Chainsmokers

DJs reaching star status among electronic music disciples is nothing new. By comparison, those that crossover and enter the world of mainstream household music names remain in the extreme minority. Consider Drew Taggart and Alex Pall rarities, then. 

Maybe it was their huge single ‘Roses’. Perhaps ‘Closer’ and ‘Collage’ sealed the deal. Debut LP ‘Memories... Do Not Open’ or last year’s follow-up, ‘Sick Boy’, might have made the difference. Whatever the truth, The Chainsmokers have mastered the art of satisfying those who live only for strobes and more chart-oriented ears. 

The results are mammoth tracks packing epic sing-along potential, beastly beats and behemoth basslines. Winning favour with crowds from Australia to Ukraine and Serbia this year alone, this huge demand bodes well for the arrival of their forthcoming third album, ‘World War Joy’, this year’s major undertaking. A record set to be packed with genre-smashing collaborations, it’s indicative of their open attitude towards production, with leads taken from EDM, hip-hop, pop and even Americana.