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Cat Dealers

Despite their name, Rio brothers Lugui and Pedrão have never so much as sold a cat in their life. But they do deal premium bass-laced big room house. In fact, this year they reckon they’ve dealt some of their proudest products to date. 

“We are very glad with the direction our work is taking,” they tell DJ Mag. “We released some tracks that we’re really proud of, on some of them we got the chance to collab with great artists from all around the world that we really admire.” 

Admirable Cat Dealing collaborators throughout 2019 range from established banger-flingers to exciting up-and-comers, with the likes of Will Sparks, Goldfish, MAKJ, Flakke and Artelax all kitten around with the lads this year. Gig-wise, their year has been just as purr-fect. 

“We’re continuing to bring our music to other countries and new places,” they explain. “And we played at some amazing festivals, like Nameless Music Festival, DreamBeach, S2O, Medusa Festival and Rock in Rio.” 

With their profile ramping up year-on-year, we reckon there’ll be even more rocking beats to emerge from their Rio studio in 2020. Fur real. 

Do you submit your DJ setlists to the relevant royalties collecting society?

“Yes, our team do it after every show.” 

What more can we do to combat the mental health crisis in our scene?

“We think it’s really important to talk and communicate, pay attention to those who are around you and try your best to notice any sign that shows that somebody needs your help. Be kind and respectful.” 

Are you personally doing anything to improve the gender balance of line-ups?

“It’s hard, because the electronic scene is dominated by a male majority, but there are a lot of really talented women — some of whom we’ve produced with — that are earning their space.” 

What changes have you made this year to be more environmentally friendly?

“[We] use less plastic in our everyday lives. It’s difficult on tour, but whenever we can we like to consciously make the decision to not use.” 

What was your favourite toy when you were a kid?

“Nintendo 64, for sure!” 

What’s your guilty pleasure?

“We don’t believe in guilty pleasures. We think you have to be proud of everything you want to do and everything you enjoy.”