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Mariana Bo

Known for blending dance music genres, Mexican DJ/producer/musician Mariana BO is considered a creatively unique act incorporating the electronic violin into her DJ sets. With support from her peers such as Paul Oakenfold and Armin van Buuren, the last few years has seen her touring all over the world sharing the stage with the likes of Tiësto, David Guetta, Hardwell and many more.

“My routine for most of the year has been a recipe of cooking music in the studio, smashing dancefloors and eating delicious food from all parts of the world!” Mariana tells DJ Mag. As well as frequenting world-renowned clubs and festivals, she’s still found time to drop a multitude of singles.

“This year, along with the successful releases of ‘Mantra’, ‘Shankara’, ‘Ciuri Ciuri’, ‘Mambara’ and ‘Durga’, I have been working on many new collabs which are scheduled to be released in the coming weeks,” she reveals. “I think the highlight gigs of this year would be Tomorrowland, EDC Mexico, Ultra Europe and Wish Outdoor”, and by the sounds of things, there’s plenty more to come.

Do you submit your DJ setlists to the relevant royalties collecting society? 


What more can we do to combat the mental health crisis in our scene? 

“We need to collectively work towards creating a platform where people, in times of need, have easy access to basic therapeutic help.”  

Are you personally doing anything to improve the gender balance of line-ups? 

“Yes. I regularly interact with upcoming DJs who approach me for production guidance and advise them to take their projects in the right direction. In a time where supremely talented artists like Amelie Lens, Peggy Gou, Charlotte de Witte, NERVO and Nina Kraviz are leaving a strong imprint wherever they perform, it’s important to empower more girls to develop strong projects that are worthy of being included in the right networks of clubs and festivals that drive the industry.”  

What changes have you made this year to be more environmentally friendly?

“I have completely stopped using single-use plastics. Along with this, I'm extremely proud to have partnered with Fundacion ONR for planting 300 trees every month.” 

What was your favourite toy when you were a kid?

“Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story.” 

What’s your guilty pleasure?

“Sneakers and shades.”