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3 Are Legend

A super-group comprised of poll winners Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike and the high-placing Steve Aoki, 3 Are Legend maintained their bombastic side project in 2019, appearing at Untold festival in Romania and Tomorrowland in Belgium. The three first met during an Aoki tour in 2012, and recognised that they shared a taste for bolshy commercial dance. Since then, the group have released a series of singles, including ‘Phat Brahms’, ‘Feedback’ and the ‘3 Are Legend’ theme tune.

This year, amid their own musical commitments, the trio hit the studio again, crafting the Game Of Thrones-referencing ‘Khaleesi’ along with W&W  — wonder how they felt about that last series? The mental image of Daenerys Targaryen bouncing to stadium-sequestering EDM is an outlandish one, that’s for sure. 

The three producers also remixed the Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike track ‘Crowd Control’, ensuring no one forgot about the triple threat DJ team.