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Peggy Gou

The hype around Peggy Gou continued unabated in 2019, after she broke through into the mainstream last year with radio hits like the Ninja Tune-signed ‘It Makes You Forget’ and countless headline DJ gigs at festivals and clubs around the world. The South Korean DJ, producer and label boss joined the esteemed list of contributors to the ‘DJ-Kicks’ mix series this year, putting together a highly credible blend of tracks from artists like I:Cube, Aphex Twin and Kyle Hall, while she also became a fashion designer, launching the KIRIN clothing line.

Another new avenue for Peggy Gou was her record label Gudu, which, in addition to a new two-tracker by Gou herself, ‘Moment EP’, also released a curveball in the form of an EP from DMX Krew, ‘Don’t You Wanna Play?’. As far as gigs were concerned, Gou worked nonstop, appearing everywhere from Australia to Thailand, Georgia to Bulgaria, dropping into DC-10 in Ibiza and Dimensions festival in Croatia. Still to come in 2019 (before a much-deserved rest) are shows at Printworks in London, Time Warp festival in Sao Paulo, and Space Miami.