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Rave Republic

It’s only been four years since Stas Madorski, one half of Singapore’s Rave Republic alongside Mathias Schellt, left his corporate job to pursue music full-time, but the duo’s huge following in Asia and beyond quickly yielded Top 100 success, earning their debut in the poll last year.

Playing in trademark white shirts and black ties, they still take a business-minded approach to succeeding in the globally competitive world of EDM. In the last twelve months, they’ve continued to push their big room sound far and wide, making their first forays over to South America and Africa, while keeping up a heavy touring schedule closer to home with numerous shows across the ever-emerging territory of China. 

Studio wise, high-profile collaborations with Jeffrey Sutorius, aka Dash Berlin, and Justin Prime show the esteem they’re currently held in over in Europe. This is backed by their debut on Dutch powerhouse Spinnin', who are releasing a remake of ‘Heartbreaker’. 

If you’re pondering the realities of an actual rave republic though, we reckon increased CO2 emissions from ceremonial ice cannons make it an environmental nightmare.

Do you submit your DJ setlists to the relevant royalties collecting society?

“Never, but we should.”

What more can we do to combat the mental health crisis in our scene?

“Managers and agencies need to know the limits of their acts. However, DJs also need to be comfortable enough to let others know when they reach theirs.”

Are you personally doing anything to improve the gender balance of line-ups?

“Although most line-ups mirror popularity, it is clear that there is a steady incline of female DJs/producers who are incredibly talented and on the rise. We’re always looking for fresh talent and potential collaborations, irrespective of gender identity.”

What changes have you made this year to be more environmentally friendly?

“We stopped showering this year [laughs]. We try and stick to public transport when off tour.”

What was your favourite toy when you were a kid?

Stas: “Tamagochi.” Matt: “GameBoy.” 

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Stas: “Pokémon Go.” Matt: “Eating cereal late at night.”