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DJ Mag Top100 DJs
Carl Cox
If there’s one DJ who feeds off the energy of a crowd, and vice versa, it’s Coxy. He radiates good vibes whenever he plays out, so being denied live shows while locked down at his home in Melbourne, Australia, this year presented a challenge initially. It wasn’t long before he launched his Cabin Fever sessions though, dipping into his vast vinyl collection to bring a weekly Sunday dose of great music to online audiences worldwide.
Most of the curated two-hour shows were self-explanatory and fascinating — Space Terrace, House Music Divas, NYC Beats, UK Superclubs, Balearic Beats, Down 2 Funk, Disco Diggin, Chicago Dreamin, 92-95 Trance & Techno… F.A.C.T. 25 Years saw him recreating his groundbreaking ‘F.A.C.T’ mix album from a quarter of a century ago, live on vinyl; Rave White Labels 91-97 was a Russian roulette of unknown hardcore and drum & bass; while My Father’s Playlist was a tribute to his dad, who sadly passed away during lockdown. Each themed show was a shining example of a true music head at work — someone we’re all still incredibly lucky to have in our scene.
What three things have most helped you through Coronavirus Lockdown?
“Being able to play my vinyl record collection for my Cabin Fever show every week, having Zoom meetings and keeping in contact with my family and friends via social media, and cooking fresh meals again.”
What lessons should the industry learn from this crisis?
“There’s nothing to learn here, this industry is amazing if you choose to embrace it. All we have to do now is stick together in all forms of the industry and we will be back making people happy again.”
What steps need to be taken to address the racism in the dance music scene?
“All we have to do is treat everyone as equals, and understand that we are all different with different backgrounds, but the music always brings everyone together from all walks of life.”
What industry changes are you personally pushing for to make the dance music scene more inclusive?
“I am pushing for really talented live electronic performing artists, there are so many of them out there not getting a shot at the dancefloor.”
What’s the greatest dance music track of all time?
“If I had to choose one, it would be Donna Summer ‘I Feel Love’.”