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Judging from his social-media feed, Anton Zaslavski leads a pretty charmed life – his time seems to be filled with working out, playing video games, lazing in hammocks, organising his trainers, petting baby chicks, and opening up about the fun times he misses in the midst of a lockdown. Pretty normal, right? Except for one thing: Those ‘fun times’ posts are accompanied by videos of the Russia-born, Germany-bred, Los Angeles–based artist on stage in front of thousands of adoring fans, hyping the crowd while massive breakdowns resound from massive sound systems and elaborate lightshows swirl above.

It might be a while before Zedd, who’s been at the top of his game since releasing the electro-house classic ‘The Anthem’ back in 2010 and has since gone on to remix artists ranging from Fatboy Slim and Skrillex to Lady Gaga and Shawn Mendes, can return to festival stages. But with releases like this past summer’s swooning pop cut with Jasmine Thompson, ‘Funny,’ he’s firmly ensconced in the hearts of his fans.