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For anyone that’s followed the trajectory of Rezz’s career, it’s not surprising she’s landed this year’s Highest New Entry award, rocketing into the Top 100 DJs poll at No.57. The Canadian prodigy has captivated electronic music’s new generation, and since being on the cover of DJ Mag North America in 2018 she’s delivered a BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix made up entirely of her own productions and played the second iteration of her Rezz Rocks series at Red Rocks Park Amphitheatre. The third was due to go ahead in September but was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Rezz tells DJ Mag that she’s used her time during lockdown to refocus. “It's been vital for me to find interest in new things and not only focus on music, as it's all I've done for six years,” she explains. “I've been doing a lot of science experiments with a microscope. Also, I have been looking at the stars and the moon with a telescope. In addition, I've been purchasing both personal and business properties. It has been fun going back and forth from Florida and Toronto. A change of scenery is refreshing.”
What three things have most helped you through Coronavirus Lockdown? 
“My girlfriend, buying a house in Florida, and finding new hobbies.”
What lessons should the industry learn from this crisis? 
“A good lesson is to never put all your eggs into one basket. Have other hobbies, desires and goals.”
What steps need to be taken to address the racism in the dance music scene?
“The responsibility is on all of us in the music industry to address racism. Festivals need to do a better job of making their line-ups more diverse. As artists, we need to push for diversity and representation in all spaces including festivals, production, touring and labels.”
What industry changes are you personally pushing for to make the dance music scene more inclusive?
“I'm focused on including more female artists in my shows. I'd really like to see more female representation in the dance music scene throughout festivals, events and labels.”
What's the greatest dance music track of all time?
“Deadmau5 ‘Cthulhu Sleeps’.”