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Nina Kraviz
Nina Kraviz is one of techno’s most iconic DJs. Famous for both her dynamic and varied DJ sets, captivating performances and her acclaimed label трип (Trip), she’s been a techno powerhouse since she launched on the scene in 2009. 
In 2020, while her touring schedule was heavily reduced, she did play a series of live stream events and virtual festivals including an empty Dance Arena at EXIT and even on top of Mount Olympus in Greece. She also collaborated with streaming giants Spotify when she was chosen to be part of their trackID series, providing a regularly updated playlist to the platform that includes tracks from her own label as well as a diverse collection of releases from across multiple genres. 
That genre-hopping is also evident in her sets, where trance, techno, ambient and hardstyle can all be heard in one swoop, with her inimitable presence in the booth adding to the allure of Kraviz’s sets. As the DJ who played the most sets of any other in 2018, we’re sure she’ll be the first to hit the road again once it’s safe to do so.