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Peggy Gou
Even before the pandemic kicked in, Peggy Gou had decided to take it a bit easier this year. In 2019 she’d played 200 shows all over the world. “I was destroyed physically and mentally,” she explains on one of her Instagram stories. “I have seen a doctor and they have told me, ‘Calm the f*** down! Your body needs a rest’.”
She spent time recharging her batteries at her parents’ house in Seoul; making mixes to work out to; and filming workout videos, with her parents involved too. She did bits of boxing, sorted a ‘Play Gou’ mix for Nike on Spotify, readied future releases on her own Gudu label and made tracks of her own.
The South Korean DJ/producer, who’s been based in Berlin for a good few years now, also found time to get involved in the Jägermeister Save The Night initiative, which has donated a million Euros to ten nightlife communities around the world. “This means a lot to me, and it’s an honour to give back,” she says in a video promoting the project. “I can’t wait for the amazing moment when we all come back.”