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Florian Picasso
The highlight of this year for Florian Picasso was without a doubt the show he performed at Villa La Californie, which is the old Picasso mansion that the iconic artist lived in and made his art. “My mom inherited the estate and I felt like it was a great concept to do a live stream show,” he reveals. Using mapping and some tricky special FX, it was definitely a unique way to pay tribute to his great-grandfather. “The pressure was high and three people resigned during the preparation of the show. But in the end, it turned out great,” he explains about the lengthy planning process. 
Although Florian had a lot of music ready to go this year, he made the decision to put it all on hold till next year. “I felt like it wasn’t the right time to release it yet,” he explains from his south of France abode. During lockdown, Florian reconnected with his inner self by trying yoga and meditation and worked on a new solo show that for the time being he's keeping hush-hush. 

What three things have most helped you through Coronavirus Lockdown? 
“Whisky, my music studio, my home gym.”
What lessons should the industry learn from this crisis? 
“In times like these, you see the true colours of the industry, who’s fighting for your project and who’s not anymore.”
What steps need to be taken to address the racism in the dance music scene?
What industry changes are you personally pushing for to make the dance music scene more inclusive? 
“Music festivals should lower their prices, schools should build a specific program for electronic music.”
What’s the greatest dance music track of all time? 
“Eric Prydz 'Pjanoo'.”