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Poll 2022: Eric Prydz
Eric Prydz

From: Sweden

DJ style: Progressive

Best known for: His HOLO live shows

Earlier this year, Eric Prydz announced the return of HOLO, the AI-powered visuals that accompany the veteran producer’s live show. If you’ve ever caught HOLO in person, or even via a YouTube video, you’ll know its swirling 3-D imagery can be breathtaking — but in truth, Prydz would find himself on this list without any help from trippy bells and whistles. The Swedish producer has held his legions of devotees in the palm of his hand for two decades, beginning with the early-’00s release of such melodic stompers as ‘By Your Side’ and ‘Call On Me’, through to more teched-up, recent festival-ready work released under his Pryda, Cirez D and ToNjA Holma monikers.

As good as Prydz is as a producer, it’s through his live gigs that he’s become one of electronic music’s biggest names, and since the pandemic — and returning to his home country of Sweden after an eight-year stint in LA — he’s been a relentless presence throughout Europe, North America and beyond.