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Poll 2022: Danny Avila
Danny Avila

From: Spain

DJ style: “Techno.”

Best known for: “Mainstage Techno.”

Fave tune of 2022: “Danny Avila ‘Sagrada Familia’.”

Rising star DJ/producer of 2022: “Prophecy.”

Over the last two years Madrid's Danny Avila has embarked on a creative project: developing a new sound, Mainstage Techno, which has since grown into a record label. The DJ and producer wanted to take the underground sounds he grew up with and pair them with the ferocious, progressive features of mainstage sets. At the start of the year Avila presented Mainstage Techno, recorded live from our HQ. Since then he’s gone on to release a 1001Tracklists mix featuring his 2021 link-up with DJ Prophecy, ‘Imperium’, reversioned to suit his big room-style techno sonic explorations. Elsewhere, he released three tracks under Mainstage Techno including May’s ‘Sagrada Familia’, and hosted his label’s live headline residency at Neversea. 1001Tracklists has continued the partnership, launching a three month residency to showcase videos of Avila’s summer tour sets. “Bringing Mainstage Techno to so many festivals and clubs across the globe, and playing all my new music and seeing the reactions of the crowd has just been amazing,” he tells us of his unstoppable 2022.

What’s the best DJ set you’ve seen this year?

Paco Osuna at Hï Ibiza. Prophecy at Elrow Germany.”

Name one great festival you played for the first time this year…

RFM Somnii in Portugal. Awesome festival in a breathtaking setting.”

What’s the longest DJ set you’ve ever played?

That must have been at Bootshaus Cologne. Eight hours set from doors open to close.”

What’s one piece of studio hardware you wish you owned?

Moog Sub 37.”

What’s the last tune you bought?

“Enrico Sangiuliano ‘The Sound Of Space’.”