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Poll 2022: Deborah De Luca
Deborah De Luca

From: Italy

DJ style: Hard techno to minimal.

Best known for: Slaying dancefloors.

In 2021 Deborah De Luca just missed out on a Top 100 placement, but this year the Italian producer, DJ and label boss makes her well-due entry into the poll, and it's no wonder — it's been a busy 12 months for the Scampia-born artist.  

Having toured extensively throughout the year, counting stops at Amnesia in Ibiza, Electric in London, Space in Miami and several other world-renowned clubs, Deborah's fans are far and wide. With a sound that dips into big room beats, minimal grooves and melodic tones, her DJ sets convey tension and dark moods, with bursts of euphoria at just the right moments. Her label Solamente Records supplies a selection of sultry cuts and peak-time tunes, like 'Adrenaline' and 'You're Toxic', both produced by Deborah. 

Deborah started out as a waitress and then a dancer in Riccione, Northern Italy, before landing her first DJ gig in Verona. Over a decade later, Deborah has evolved into a wildly in-demand talent on the international techno circuit — a credit to her unyielding work ethic and humble nature.