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Poll 2022: Maya Jane Coles
Maya Jane Coles

From: London, UK

DJ style: “House, techno and some breakbeats with a bass / hip-hop influence and melodic twist.”

Best known for: "My productions as Maya Jane Coles, Nocturnal Sunshine and CAYAM."

Fave tune of 2022: "CAYAM ‘Voicebox’.”

Rising star DJ/producer of 2022: “UNIIQU3.”

Tapped by DJ Mag as one of our 2010 newcomers to watch, 2022 marks Maya Jane Coles’ debut in the Top 100 DJs poll. Since breaking through via Dogmatik Records in 2008, the Japanese-British DJ has dropped three studio albums under her given name, and two under her bass-driven moniker, Nocturnal Sunshine, and recently launched her third: CAYAM. Her most recent album, ‘Night Creature’, released via Coles’ own I/AM/ME imprint, takes in energetic, bright moments from the dancefloor, and blends them with the deeper sounds she knows and loves. With over a decade behind the decks, Coles has been immersed in late nights and peak-time hours, and her aliases explore different parts of that nocturnal culture, detailing nights in clubs or on festival stages through the power of her production. A main fixture with label-mates and inclusive party He.She.They throughout the year, this summer has also seen Coles take on gigs in Ibiza, Amsterdam and the USA, and at festivals like Detroit’s Movement, Day Trip and Creamfields South.

What’s the best DJ set you’ve seen this year?

“Lupe Fuentes at Day Trip.”

Name one great festival you played for the first time this year…

“I played Lightning In A Bottle festival in California for the first time this year and it was magical.”

What’s the longest DJ set you’ve ever played?

“I have no idea, probably a friend’s after-party all night long.”

What’s the last tune you bought?

“Ivy Lab ‘Balaclava’.”

What’s the next big sound?

“Hopefully something innovative and fresh rather than old recycled trends coming back around again.”