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Poll 2023: Quintino

From: Amsterdam, Netherlands

DJ style: “Electronic with a lot of energy.”

Best known for: “Bringing big room vibes to the main stages, with a smile.”

A lot can change in 12 months, not least given the events that unfolded worldwide over the past three years. This time last October, Quintino was talking to us about his return to touring following the devastating impact of Covid-19 lockdowns and travel bans on live music. Hearing from the Dutch master today confirms that the transition back to business-as-was pre-pandemic is complete. And business looks pretty good to us.

In March, fans were treated to the artist’s collaboration with a resurgent Hardwell, ‘Sloopkogel’, which translates into English as ‘wrecking ball’. A truly fitting title, the single blends big room techno and more commercial electronic dance, and reflects a wider shift in focus among many artists, embracing harder, darker, more rolling and stomp-y influences. One of a number of high-profile joint projects this year, Quintino’s other efforts have involved Steve Aoki and Afrojack, among several more, adding further hits to a burgeoning back catalogue. Currently focused on Asian dates in cities such as Phuket, Hong Kong, Taipei and Tokyo, Quintino also played a hometown show as part of the annual Amsterdam Dance Event.

Fave tune of 2023: “John Summit & Hayla ‘Where You Are’.”

Best DJ set youve seen in 2023: “Fred again..”

What was the most exciting tech development of 2023? “To see the potential of AI is really exciting, but also a bit scary at the same time.”

Rising star DJ/producer of 2023: “Eleganto.”

What gives you hope for 2024? “I’m just really happy that 2023 was the first year that felt fully normal again; we were able to play shows worldwide, and see the last countries go back to normal.”