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Poll 2023: Deadmau5

From: Ontario, Canada

DJ style: Progressive, EDM

Best known for: Mouse head, mau5trap

Although his fans have voted him pretty high in this poll pretty consistently over the last 15+ years, Deadmau5's relationship to mainstream DJ culture has often been a little strained. As well as calling out the use of pre-recorded sets and DJs who lean too heavily, in his view, on the sync button for their mixing, he has in the past raised an eyebrow at being included in the poll at all. When he plays, he uses an inventive array of controllers, specifically his own app, OSC/Pilot, which he launched a few years ago.

Joel Zimmerman has again wowed crowds all around the world over the last year. At the time of writing he is in the midst of six of his Day Of The Deadmau5 shows across four cities. Each one sees him perform a unique set that blends his classic hits with new material alongside a selection of guests. He has also just dropped a new single with fellow Canadian Isabelle Rezazadeh, aka REZZ, under their REZZMAU5 alias. He also recently dropped ‘Kx5’, a self-titled debut album from his collaborative project with Kaskade which is a more minimal take on his usual style, which leans towards melodic sing-along house sounds.