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Poll 2023: Julian Jordan
Julian Jordan

From: The Netherlands

DJ style: Hyper house

Best known for: ‘Kangaroo’, ‘BFAM’ with Martin Garrix

It's been over a decade since the Dutch powerhouse DJ, Julian Jordan, unleashed ‘Kangaroo’ on the world. But the track still stands the test of time — it's playful but has intricate sound design and just enough peaks and troughs to keep the punters locked in place. Jordan, though, hasn't rested on his laurels. He's continued to push the envelope with his style of big room funk that still tips its hat to his roots in the underground.

2023 was a particularly busy year for Jordan. He released over half a dozen singles, including one of the year's breakout hits, ‘Losing My Head’, a tune that has garnered a veritable collection of remixers. His touring schedule has been equally busy, as he blew the roof off venues like Brooklyn Mirage and just about every European festival you can imagine. For a DJ who has been in the game this long, it still sounds like he's really just getting started.