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Poll 2023: Cat Dealers
Cat Dealers

From: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

DJ style: “Cat House.”

Best known for: “Having a bunch of cats and playing some great/energetic music!”

Hailing from Rio, Brazilian brothers Lugui and Pedrão are both big football fans. So the last twelve months have been dominated by the renaissance of their beloved Botafogo. “Right now we are leaders of the national championship and we couldn’t be happier with it,” they tell us when we catch up. The duo have been flying high themselves, “touring non-stop around the world, always getting to know new places and cultures”.  Meanwhile, closer to home, their Cat House Sessions have seen them playing across their home country. 

Following last year’s main stage debut for Tomorrowland, the heavyweight brand released the Dealers most recent single, ‘Partycrashers’, featuring the vocals of Dom Vallie. Trance don Armin van Buuren, meanwhile, got them onboard to remix ‘Computers Take Over The World’, a track about the influence of AI on dance music. “The fact that you can now separate full songs into almost perfect stems is a game changer,” the siblings tell us on their own embrace of AI. “Doing remixes and edits was never this easy!” To prove it, their re-rub of Beyoncé’s ‘PURE/HONEY’ became a fan favourite.

Hero of 2023: “John Textor! We love football and our club Botafogo was having some really bad years. This guy bought the club, paid the debts and is now getting the glory days back.”

Fave tune of 2023: “GENESIEverything You Have Done (Meduza Edit)’.”

Best DJ set you’ve seen in 2023: “Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso at Tomorrowland Belgium.”

What was the most exciting tech development of 2023? “AI, all types. We have been using it in music production and it changed everything for us!”

Rising star DJ/producer of 2023: “Mau P.”

What gives you hope for 2024? “We are still in love with what we do, it's really important to be motivated with your work.”