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Poll 2023: Kölsch

From: Denmark

DJ style: Melodic house and techno

Best known for: “The track ‘Grey’ and playing atop the Eiffel Tower.”

After several years on the fringes of the Top 100, Danish talent Kölsch is now firmly ensconced in the big league. He is something of an outlier, too — he doesn't play big room sounds or any form of EDM, instead pushing his own brand of deeply melodic and emotive house and techno. He had one of the biggest hits of the summer with his remix of 'Hell To The Liars' and also has a BBC Radio 1 residency under his belt.

This year he scaled up his sound and impressed with a standout set on the epic Tomorrowland main stage, which he says was his highlight of the year. In the face of his increasing profile, he says he has learned to “stay humble and have fun”, all while working on his new album. It is an intricate work with interweaving themes of family, personal history and grief.

Kölsch says his sound "never stops evolving, these days mostly around technique, but I'm always searching for something special. Lately, I've been digging mid-'90s drum & bass again. So many gems there.” 

Hero of 2023: “Laurent Garnier."

Fave tune of 2023: “Jorkes ‘Free From Desire’.”

Best DJ set you’ve seen in 2023: “DJ Koze at Timewarp.”

What was the most exciting tech development of 2023? “I love the genre-bending going on. People collating across genres and styles generates incredible new music.”

Rising star DJ/producer of 2023: “Kevin De Vries.”

What gives you hope for 2024? “My hope is that innovation and quality in music regains focus, rather than clout and likes. Working on remixes and collabs for 2024 on my IPSO label.”