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Poll 2023: Rave Republic
Rave Republic

From: Formed in Singapore

DJ style: “EDM / hard / open format.”

Best known for: “High-energy sets that surprise the audience and create lasting memories.”

Rave Republic are Mathias and Stas, a Swiss and Australian DJ duo based in Singapore that this year went about weaving their crossover sounds, along with Austrian friends Darius and Finlay, into ‘Blackbeard’ (featuring Simon Erics). “It’s a pirate-themed song,” they begin to explain. “We’ve had some really fun collabs this past year, as well as releases on amazing labels that have been very supporting of our music.” The swashbuckling bouncer came out on Maxximize Records under the wing of big chief daddios Spinnin’. Those other notches to their belts include working with Timmy Trumpet, Christina Novelli, Justin Prime and Twista.

This year the pair have a focus that’s seen them joyfully working on refining and honing their musical style, one that’s seen them enter the Top 100 DJs poll for the sixth year on the trot. “Evolving our sound to one that would work globally and making sure that music is fun above all else,” is their explanation for time spent in 2023 aside from their touring duties. 

Hero of 2023: “Elon Musk.”

Fave tune of 2023: “Fred again.. ‘Jungle’.”

Best DJ set you’ve seen in 2023: “W&W at Galame, China.”

What was the most exciting tech development of 2023? “Recently saw Laidback Luke’s video about Algoriddim’s software, I’m curious to explore it.”

Rising star DJ/producer of 2023: “Axmo.”

What gives you hope for 2024? “Music invoking a nostalgic response seems to be working very well. We think that some of the music that we especially love will be coming back.”