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Point Blank Tutorial: How to Add Low End to Your Mix (Comparing Waves Audio and Logic Pro Plugins)


In this tutorial, Point Blank show how you can beef up the low-end of your mix whilst mastering a track in Logic Pro, by comparing 4 stand-out plugins.

During the video, Point Blank’s lecturer Jarrad Hearman starts by adding Logic’s Vintage Console EQ to the master channel and boosting some of the lower frequencies until he finds the sweet spot. To get a better idea of how fat he can make the bass elements in the track, he adds Waves Audio’s VEQ4 plugin and boosts by 100hz to shine a light on the bass and kick drum. Hearman then trials similar techniques using Waves Audio’s PuigTec EQP1A and Scheps 73 to find the best result, before combining multiple plugins for extra punch.

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