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An initial target for the #keepdjoondancing campaign has been set at €25,000

Paris club Djoon has launched a crowdfunding campaign to aid its planned reopening.

Like many venues, the house club - which launched back in 2003...

Known as ‘the father of the Balearic beat’, Alfredo launched a crowdfund campaign last week

Disco Tees has launched a fundraiser for Argentinian DJ, Alfredo Fiorito.

In February, Alfredo Fiorito, known as ‘the father of the Balearic beat’ and a...

"We’re determined to give the city a new community-focused music space to enjoy."

Liverpool independent radio station Melodic Distraction have launched a Kickstarter to raise funds for its new home.

Having been forced out of their old studio in...

A crowdfunder has been launched to ensure ‘30 Years of the Polish Techno Scene’ is published

A crowdfunder has been launched to publish a book about Poland's techno scene.

Launched by Radosław Tereszczuk, Artur Wojtczak and Łukasz Krajewski, three key members of Poland's...