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Get acquainted with Wiltshire’s Eusebeia, whose ethereal sound fuses jungle, techno, dub and ambient with ancient philosophical themes

Eusebeia debuts on RuptureLDN with four cuts of cosmic jungle. Hear the rushing breaks and hazy synths of ‘Harvest’ now

Eusebeia will make his debut on RuptureLDN this week with the ‘You Reap What You Sow’ EP. 

The rising Bristol-based producer and Earthtrax label/soundsystem co-founder...

Next up on Western Lore is rising talent Eusebeia with four cuts of otherworldly d&b. Hear the atmospheric frenzy of ‘Respect’ now

Eusebeia makes his Western Lore debut this month with the ‘Equal Rights + Justice’ EP.

Spanning four tracks of otherworldly d&b, full of frenzied rolling...