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Goa Club

Plans are already being hatched for a new venue in the Italian capital

Rome's renowned Goa Club has announced it will permanently close at the end of this month. 

The sad news brings a 26-year legacy to an...

The DJ, writer and journalist passed away following a serious illness

Legendary Italian house DJ Claudio Coccoluto has died, aged 59. 

The longstanding DJ and columnist passed away this morning, 2nd March, following a “serious illness”...

From: Rome, ItalyFor Fans Of: DJ Red, Anthony Linell, Donato DozzyThree Tunes: ‘The Call’, ‘Cavallina’, ‘Melodica’

“My music is about being myself,” says Adiel, the Italian DJ and producer, of her dub techno, which is mesmerising and ecstatic in equal measure...