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Swan meat

Kyiv club ∄’s label, Standard Deviation, readies the dark, genre-hopping debut EP from Diana Azzuz. Hear Swan Meat’s scorching acid trance remix of ‘Pathos’ now

Ukrainian artist Diana Azzuz will release her debut solo EP this month via Kyiv club ∄’s label, Standard Deviation. 

Across three original tracks and two...

'It's Not Complicated' will be released next week via Ma3azef

Lee Gamble, Lafawndah, Bergsonist and Swan Meat are among the artists contributing to a compilation for Medical Aid For Palestinians. 

Out next week via pan-Arab...

With hi-def club sounds, hardcore techno, frenzied mash-ups and mutant EDM, Swan Meat takes the Fresh Kicks mix series to another dimension

The music that makes us feel most alive, and most like ourselves, is not always what we expect: and for Cologne-based, Washington D.C-born artist, Swan...