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Poll Clubs 2020: Warung Beach Club

Location: Santa Catarina, Brazil
Capacity: 2,500


Warung has been firmly lodged in our Top 100 poll for many years. In the past it has ridden a wave of EDM hype, but as that has dispersed, it has gone back to its more underground roots. For proof, look no further than November last year, when the club turned 17 with the likes of Honey Dijon, Richie Hawtin, Peggy Gou, Solomun, and homegrown hero ANNA. It was a packed-out event with people hanging from the rafters and gazing out down to the beach as the beats rained down. The special Carnival series in February also invited heavyweights like Marco Carola, Seth Troxler and Dubfire not long after Mind Against played a special all-night-long set.

In this eco-minded age in which we live, Warung also stands proud as a club built almost entirely out of wood and straw, and one with a natural respect for the jungle around it. Famously, the place is only accessible by a path that winds up from the Atlantic ocean, along a beach and through the lush green jungle. It's wooden architecture is inspired by Indonesian open-air temples and when the sun peaks in through the gaps each morning, it is one of dance music's must-experience moments. 


Poll Clubs 2019: WARUNG BEACH CLUB

Location: Santa Catarina, Brazil

Capacity: 2,500


If you’re searching for a unique clubbing experience in South America, then look no further than Warung Beach Club. Located in Southern Brazil, Warung was established in 2002 with one of the most unique mindsets in the world of electronic music. Surrounded by pristine rainforest and built almost entirely out of “wood and straw, with only the bathroom and kitchen built in masonry”, the Warung team’s appreciation and respect for the natural environment creates a venue and atmosphere that is unrivalled in the nightlife scene.

But don’t let the eco-friendly aspects of the club skew your thinking. Warung is a two-tiered, top-of-the-line event space hosting some of the biggest DJs and events in the world. From the Warung Day Festival — featuring headliners like ANNA, Joris Voorn, Lee Foss and Pig&Dan, which takes place annually in Curitiba — to collaborations with Fabric, BPM festival, and other well established electronic music brands, the Brazilian mega-club is nothing short of world class. With a must-see, inclusive, earthy vibe that is undeniably special in a world of concrete superclubs, Warung has well and truly earned its consistent placement in the Top 100 Clubs poll.


Poll Clubs 2018: WARUNG BEACH CLUB

Location: Itajaí, Brazil

Capacity: 2,500

Website: warungclub.com.br

Few clubs allow you to party as immersed in nature as Warung, which turned 15 at the end of 2017. The famous beach club has architecture inspired by Indonesian open-air temples and music plays until the sun rises. When it does, it first appears through the cracks in the wood at one end, until it eventually floods the club with light and makes for one of dance music’s most special moments.

With views of the beach, and hidden deep in the Atlantic forests, it is only accessible by a winding path which adds to the allure of visiting. Boasting two dancefloors, the club — which also hosts events at places like BPM, ADE and Watergate Berlin — has welcomed a real who’s who of DJ royalty again in the last year, from Solomun to Lee Burridge. Next to them, key residents Aninha, Albuquerque, Ale Reis, Boghosian and many more back up the headliners and give the locals and visitors what they want — enchanting, deep and organic soundtracks of emotive house and techno. The club’s own in-house label deals in much the same and helps make this a real party paradise.


Poll Clubs 2017: WARUNG BEACH CLUB

Warung Beach Club DJ Mag Top 100 Clubs 2017
Warung Beach Club DJ Mag Top 100 Clubs 2017

In recent years the EDM wave has withdrawn slowly from Brazilian soil, as clubs struggled to sustain the extortionate fees demanded by Top 100 DJs in the face of economic constraints, revealing a strong local scene rife with house DJs. Turns out they preferred house music all along — hardly surprising when you consider it's the rhythm of samba — not the screech of EDM synths — that naturally pumps through the veins of its vibrant people.

While the biggest, most commercially facing set-ups in South America's super-nation, such as Green Valley and Anzu, are drawing upon Brazil's megastar names of accessible deep house/pop like Vintage Culture and Alok to bring in huge crowds, one club has been importing the crème de la crème of underground house and techno long before 120bpm four-fours were the sound du jour for this nation of obsessive clubbers. Since 2002 in fact.

Programmed by D-Edge owner and famed DJ, Renato Ratier, the likes of Dixon, The Martinez Brothers and Solomun are all regulars here, contributions to a music policy that's almost single-handedly cultivated the core essentials of any club scene worth its salt, all within a spectacular superclub setting.


Poll Clubs 2016: WARUNG


Poll Address: 
Santa Catarina, Brazil
Av. José Medeiros Viêira, Itajaí
Praia Brav - SC
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warung beach club (praia brava)

While it's still booming, Brazil's clubs industry has struggled to pay the extortionate fees expected by international EDM DJs amid economy decline in recent years. As a result, the local underground scene has thrived as bookers have looked closer to home, opting to bring the more rhythmic, funk-driven sounds of deep house to its vibrant, carnivalesque people.

One club that's always had its eye on the crème de la crème of top-tier house and techno, however, is Warung (since 2002, in fact); a giant Bali-themed teepee in the jungle creatively directed by D-Edge owner and DJ, Renato Ratier. 

A fabled clubbing haunt among DJs and clued up clubbers all over the world due to its penchant for excellent line-ups, the likes of Dixon, Mano Le Tough and Pete Tong all spun here recently, but it's the miraculous sight of the golden sunrise merging into the warehouse vibe that really makes it.