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Iconic headphones come of age

Sennheiser's HD 25 headphones have been amongst one of the widely used headphones in the DJ business and to celebrate 25 years of loyal service to thousands of jocks Sennheiser have release the all new aluminium model. Introduced way back in 1988, Sennheiser’s HD 25 headphones have attained iconic status as the number one choice of DJs and music professionals the world over.

Celebrating the 25th birthday of its HD 25 headphones Sennheiser have launched the HD 25 Aluminium, a new version featuring a unique aluminium finish. Built to withstand even the most demanding professional use, the HD 25 Aluminium delivers amazing sound quality in headphones that are durable, comfortable with an all new cool styling.

Just like the original model, the HD 25 Aluminium is built to satisfy even the most demanding DJs and Producers. The sound performance offers tightly controlled bass and detailed treble ideal for loud club environments. The rotatable capsules are perfect for one-ear monitoring and help to cut out unwanted background noise, while staying comfortable for long periods of use.

Individually lathed from single blocks of aluminium, the metal earcups give the headphones a pretty cool look while taking the clear sound to new heights by further minimizing the resonances in audible range. And just like the original HD25's the Aluminiums offer sturdy build quality and most importantly a top notch sound