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AIAIAI announces new lightweight DJ headphones

The Danish brand's new XE line is "more versatile, cross-functional" and weighs just 168g


AIAIAI have announced a new line of lightweight DJ headphones, the TMA-2 DJ XE.

The headphones are an update on the brand's popular TMA-2 DJ model — which was first developed in 2015 — but with more focus on "flexibility, mobility and versatility".

Weighing in at just 168g, the XE line is created from the same TMA-2 modular headphone system that offers interchangeable components from eco-friendly earpads to speaker units.

"The process of making music today is more dynamic than ever. Creators demand to pursue inspiration wherever and whenever it strikes. Our XE line is designed for this — more versatile, cross functional, and lightweight — ready for any scenario,” says AIAIAI founder Frederik Jørgensen.

The TMA-2 DJ XE headphones cost €140. Pick up a pair and find out more here.

AIAIAI are combatting electronic waste through the launch of initiatives including a headphone refurbishment programme, Remixed, and their Headphones for Life initiative. The latter allows you to trade in any of the Danish audio company's TMA-1 or TMA-2 headphones or components, regardless of when you bought the product. In return, you will get credit towards your next AIAIAI purchase.

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