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Eoin Murray
29 March 2024, 20:45

Tomorrowland Thailand: ‘Nothing officially confirmed’, festival clarifies

Previous reports stated that a festival was confirmed to take place in 2026

Photo of the Tomorrowland main stage in the day time

Tomorrowland has clarified that a festival in Thailand has not been officially confirmed, despite reports to the contrary.

In a new statement shared with, the Belgian mega-festival has denied previous reports, which cited Thai government spokesperson Chai Wacharonke, that an event had been confirmed to take place in 2026.

Tomorrowland spokesperson Debby Wilmsen said: “In December the Tomorrowland team had the privilege of engaging in discussions with various parties and exploring potential locations for a Tomorrowland festival in Thailand... Deeply touched by the warm support, we must clarify the recent speculation: nothing has been officially confirmed or signed at this time. The Tomorowland team is diligently conducting thorough research and exploration to assess the feasibility of hosting Tomorrowland in Thailand. There is still much to be investigated.”

A previous report in The Nation Thailand – which DJ Mag cited – stated that the move was part of wider efforts by the government to boost the Thai economy through tourism and entertainment. The proposed deal would reportedly see a total of 10 Tomorrowland Thailand events being planned, taking us into the mid-2030s, emphasising a concerted effort to establish a key festival destination in the region. However, at the time of writing, this has not been confirmed.

In May, Tomorrowland will head to Colombia for the inaugural CORE Medellín festival, with Bicep, ANNA, Agents of Time, Kitty Amor, Chet Faker, Hercules & Love Affair, and Dana Montana on the bill. You can catch up on sets from this month’s Tomorrowland Winter, here.

Earlier this year, it was announced that clubs in several Thailand cities can now stay open till 4 AM as the new curfew extension is in effect in specific nightlife areas.