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April Clare Welsh
1 February 2024, 11:57

Bicep launch new label, event series and audiovisual show, CHROMA

Listen to the pair's new single 'CHROMA 001 HELIUM' now

Heavily altered and effect-treated photo of Bicep
Credit: David Rudnick

Bicep have launched a new multi-purpose concept called CHROMA, which comprises a label, an event series, a hybrid A/V show and more.

The CHROMA visual identity has been curated in collaboration with creative director David Rudnick – who recently helped steer RL Grime's three-part 'Play' LP  and has previously worked with the likes of Katy Perry, Evian Christ and Oneohtrix Point Never – and his Terrain studio. 

The "from Acid to Alkaline" spirit of the label will cover Bicep releases that veer more towards "underground club-focused" production. "We’ve increasingly wanted to show a more rounded picture of what we do in the studio,” they say in a press release. “We do a lot of more heavy techno-focused music, ambient and various other styles that don't really fit into the “BICEP” sound, and which often never sees the light of day."

Bicep have christened the new label with the 'CHROMA 001 HELIUM' single, which they say was written specifically for their career-defining 2022 Alexandra Palace shows. In December 2022, the duo stepped up to play their biggest show to date at the London venue, livestreaming the 2nd December show on TikTok

"The show felt a little too sweet in certain sections and we wanted to add some more grit into the show," they say, explaining that the track is "a bit darker and more club-focused than most of our music we have released over the past few years. Although it’s actually a pretty fair representation of what we’re listening to and playing in our DJ sets."

Check out the new single via Bandcamp below.

The duo clarify that the same team behind the Bicep live show are working on Chroma. "This show will be much more fluid, constantly evolving and changing on a week-to-week basis with lots more experimentation," they explain, describing the form as a "hybrid between DJ set and live."

Several CHROMA shows have already been announced, including sets at Coachella, a show at Brighton Beach on 19th July and shows at London’s Finsbury Park on 2nd August. Check out the Bicep site for more dates.