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April Clare Welsh
9 May 2023, 16:36

xMEMS launch the first "all-silicon, solid-state fidelity micro speakers"

Lower power consumption, comfort and "precise, higher fidelity, high-res audio" are among their benefits


xMEMS are "reinventing sound" with the first-ever all-silicon headphones.

The US audio start-up have patented their own true MEMS micro-speakers using groundbreaking microelectromechanical systems technology (MEMS). High-quality MEMS microphones are widely used in smartphones, laptops and other consumer electronics but most speakers are still formed from mechanical voice coils.

xMEMS' "all-silicon, solid-state fidelity micro speakers" promise to "deliver a new level of performance, size, energy efficiency and uniformity not possible with traditional voice coil or hybrid MEMS approaches." Lower power consumption, "precise, higher fidelity, high-res audio" and increased comfort are among some of the main benefits.

The company has created three versions of its micro-speakers that can be used for earphones, in-ear-monitors (IEMs), digital hearing aids and wearables. Cowell is "the world’s smallest MEMS micro speaker", Montara Plus is "the world’s highest sensitivity MEMS microspeaker" while and Skyline DynamicVent is aimed at earbuds and digital hearing aids. 

Find out more about xMEMS here.

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Image via xMEMS