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Dyson launches Bluetooth headphones with built-in air purifier mask

The Dyson Zone also features noise-cancellation

dyson zone

Dyson has launched their first wearable in the form of new Bluetooth headphones called Zone. The slightly dystopian design is helped by the steel visor that runs from ear to ear and filters the air the wearer breaths, delivering purified air to your nose and mouth. 

Unlike a mask though, it doesn’t make contact with the face, rather sits in front of the mouth and nose and filters the air as it passes. You can add an additional FFP2 filter if you also want to have protection from COVID-19. The visor is also removable if you just want to use the Zones as headphones. 

The headphones and visor combo also feature noise cancelling, so not only can you block out any pesky pollution and potentially harmful COVID-19 particles, but you can also block out sound, leaving you to listen to music in peace on a particularly busy flight or train journey. 

The Zone also features sensors that detect how fast the wearer is moving and automatically adjusts the airflow to compensate. An app on your phone will tell you when it’s time to replace the filters, which Dyson says should last about a year in a European city. 

The battery lasts for 4.5 hours at the lowest purity setting and 90minutes if you are blasting the filter. The headphones can be charged over USB-C. 

There’s no price point yet for the Zones, but according to The Guardian, they’re expected to cost between £500 and £1,000. Find out more about the Dyson Zone on their website.

If you're not interested in an air-purifying visor, RØDE has announced their first-ever headphones, the NTH-100s