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Afrojack: ‘I might make a jazz album’

The Dutch EDM star mentioned the possibility – among other things – in a talk at Oxford University...

In an address to Oxford University’s union today, Afrojack discussed the possibility of making an album outside of the genres he's previously been confined to.

The world-renowned debating society welcomed the Dutch megastar to give a talk to its members, where he discussed a variety of topics, according to the quotes posted to the union’s Twitter account.

The EDM DJ/producer, who came in at number 8 in this year’s publicly-voted DJ Mag poll, started DJing aged 14, and by 2013 became one of the highest-earning DJs in the business.

Afrojack certainly demonstrated ambition in his talk, according to the tweets, stating, “I won’t be limited by what I’ve done so far. Maybe I’ll make a Jazz album tomorrow. Probably not. But maybe”.

He also reportedly commented on the nature of pop production: “When you make a pop song it requires fairly strategic thinking. It’s not ‘I am who I am’ it’s ‘I am what the people want to hear’.”

Presumably responding to which aspect of his job he preferred, he interestingly remarked: “Do you prefer producing or DJing? That’s like asking if you want chicken or pancakes. Sometimes you want chicken, sometimes pancakes. And sometimes you want pizza... If you love chicken that doesn’t mean that you are chicken. I love EDM but I love hip hop too.”

Social media was also a topic of the conversation: “I’d really like more people to know how life works. Not just how society and how social media tells you life works. 100 likes won’t make you happy, it’ll just have you looking for 110 likes.”

In other news, Afrojack recently launched a remix competition in a bid to find the next big EDM talent.