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Best Of British 2011: Best Fashion Brand - Supremebeing

PRIME MOVERS: Supremebeing’s cool designs scoop the fashion gong

Steady, steady, slowly does it. Did you know that Supremebeing has been in existence since 1999? It all started when a group of pals from Cambridge realized that with all their combined talents (screen printers, artists, designers and entrepreneurs) they would be able to make for a career to truly love. With a master-plan to create ripples on the street-wear scene, it’s obvious that their hard work is paying off. 

Never be fooled by their name, though. It’s definitely not a statement of superiority. Supremebeing in actual fact refers to the “…unique value of every human being”. Their ethos is heartfelt: “…everyone is special, each of us are of equal value and we are all created the same way”.

When you think of their logo you might have trouble conjuring it up, simply because there are thirty versions of it. But one thing remains the same: the iconic image of a sassy, Afro-sporting black woman. 

As far as where they get their ideas from, it’s always been about being inspired by their core audience, who are predominately tastemakers of around the 18-35 age group, although they say “…we aim to reach anyone who relates to the culture of Supremebeing”.

In a recent campaign, they asked fans of their brand to send in pictures of themselves or anyone else they saw wearing the label. This conceptual idea gives an insightful glimpse as to where they’re coming from.

Creative to the max, Supremebeing are constantly tweaking and nurturing their brand. Being divided up into four main categories — Sport & Street, Utility, Street Chic and Street Dapper — allows for scope to flex their design muscles and show off their forward-thinking skills. Their retail action in neat apparel doesn’t stop there, though; limited edition art prints play a large part too.

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