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Digital hybrid

I have a few things in my studio that I couldn’t live without so it was a tough process whittling it down to just one bit of gear but I decided that one of the most important pieces of kit I do have is my Access Virus TI Snow.

This little monster has been with me for countless years and is responsible for the warmth sounds of many of my tunes. I use it mainly for working with very fat pads and Detroit style chords. One of the things I really like about it, is its versatility and ability to take it anywhere I want.

It is one of my favourite pieces of hardware and very addictive. It has really become an essential part of my sound and holds a proud and personal place in my studio for the involvement it has had in my creative process in the studio.

Another interesting use it has is the ability to give analogue distortion over digital inputs, making it very useful to fatten sounds, which lack the personality that I’m seeking for a specific arrangement. I think the key is the mix between digital and analogue world and Virus TI is the perfect piece to keep the union in a clean and elegant way.

There are different models, my favourite is the Snow for their portability. What I do sometimes is to generate ideas and record it in audio format, then I split the waves in pieces and play with them in my studio.