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Come rain, come shine! Solomun's Diynamic crew battle the elements at an outdoor rave-up at Pacha Ibiza's plush Destino resort...

Diynamic is both a label and a family. Boasting a catalogue of carefully-crafted releases and a cool, low-key brand aesthetic, it’s no surprise that Solomun’s ubiquitous imprint has once again triumphed in Ibiza, largely because it embodies, well, him. Never has Diynamic’s warm and fuzzy label philosophy shone brighter — or more magnanimously — than at the brand’s final outdoor party at Destino in September, despite the inclement weather that hammers the majority of the island’s infamous closing fiestas.

DJ Mag rolls up to Destino just as the Diynamic party is set to begin with Magdalena, the only female to grace Diynamic’s coveted DJ roster. The Ego club resident reads it just right, crafting a cruisey, slow bubbling set of Balearic bass rollers, the kind that have nestled themselves firmly in Ibiza’s collective clubbing consciousness. The thick, creamy bass lick of Andrea Piko and Maurizio Benedetta’s ‘Feelings’ makes us bounce, as DJ Mag reclines on a squishy sun-bed to watch the sunset whilst consuming — by Ibiza standards — a reasonably priced 11€ Heineken.

The real adoration is, of course, saved for the Diynamic boss himself, who skips into the outdoor booth come 7pm, flanked by long-time friend H.O.S.H and one of the Adrians from Adriatique. From the outset, the camaraderie within the group is obvious, as the crew chain-smoke cigarettes and courteously select tracks back-to-back, whilst the paid VIP tables behind the booth look on. One of the group’s mums has even pitched up for the occasion — all silver hair and dressed appropriately in a sparkly cardigan — as a flock of girls next to us quietly coo at the total cuteness of it all.

It was just a drop or two at first, but as DJ Mag cocks our head skyward come 9pm, warm globs of water begin to slap against our forehead.
“This is scary and epic at the same time!” a sodden Adriatique yells at DJ Mag from the booth just moments later, as heavy rain starts to pummel the whole party from on high. “Massive thunder in our ears and everyone’s going nuts!”
And nuts it is. As mascara drips from lashes and loafers fill with water, the dancefloor morphs into a wacky techno water-park, as Taras Van De Voorde’s ‘Chasing Winters’ shimmers aquatically from the speakers. The crowd unperturbed, the event looks set to continue, but as an ankle deep torrent starts to submerge the booth, engulfing industrial power cables and saturating CDJs, the party is — wisely — put on hold.
“The last thing we need is Solomun fried to a crisp!” mumbles a Diynamic team member. Indeed.

Following an hour respite, the outdoor becomes indoor as patrons are relocated to Destino’s small club, Tox. A consummate professional, Solomun takes it all in his stride, smiling as he hands out some bottles of water from the booth, as a flood of soggy fans surge on to the dancefloor. DJ Mag nabs the chance to steal new Diynamic recruit Undercatt for a chat; an Italian duo tipped for big things following Solomun’s stamp of approval this season.
“It all happened very naturally, it’s a great honour for us,” Undercatt gush to DJ Mag as we wring out in the greenroom. “To become part of this crew, to be part of the Diynamic family, it’s special.” And there’s that word again — family.
As DJ Mag squelch back on to the dancefloor, H.O.S.H is taking it deep and whomphy with Berli Rican’s mix of ‘Feelin' House’ — one of the few vocal cuts heard over the following five-hour epic. The Diynamic crew continue their mammoth b2b until just shy of 4am, closing out the evening with a wind-down of classy disco cuts, including the J.E.E.P remix of Daniel Grau’s ‘Robot Mágico’, which sees every fingertip reach euphorically for the roof.

“There is a community about Diynamic, about the philosophy of the music and about why we do it,” Undercatt tells us when the party is done. And they’re right. Diynamic is one of the island’s only parties where hardened house fans and highflying holidaymakers meet truly harmoniously, unified by the call of Diynamic’s special brand of late night rhapsody.

Diynamic has created a fool-proof party formula rarely seen on the White Isle. Thanks almost entirely to the label’s affable masthead, Solomun and his DJ armada, who continue to deliver both in the studio and on the dancefloor. Warm, inviting and — most importantly — waterproof, Diynamic is a world in which everyone is welcome. Words: Charlotte Lucy Cijffers