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DJ Weekly podcast from Jan Krueger

Literally coming from the underground, after spending the late '90s honing his DJ skills at a club in a wine cellar in his native Dusseldorf, Jan Krueger been on the up ever since, first climbing the cellar steps, then the music industry's greasy pole.

Now with a residency at Berlin's hot and wet Watergate, and releases on Moon Harbour Recordings, his name is becoming internationally associated with deep house from when deep house was deep house. If that's confused you then the best thing to do is check out his mix which contains gems from Freaks, Laid and Jus Ed amongst a host of talent.

1. Inland Knights - Hands Up - Amenti Music

2. Patrice Meiner & Brett Jacobs - Preserve The Light - Luna Records

3. So Inagawa - Logo Queen - Cabaret Recordings

4. Birdsmakingmachine - Multiverse - Birdsmakingmachine

5. Kumquat Kids - Back To Front - Mosaic

6. Melchior Productions - Let's Go Deep - Playhouse

7. Freaks - "Flywithme" Part One - Music For Freaks

8. Laid - Punch Up - Symple Sound

9. Copacabannark - Grenier - Minibar

10. Seuil & Le Loup - Marmite - Hold Youth

11. Mike Shannon - Bleep Forward feat. Evan Baggs - Cynosure

12. Soul Capsule - Deep Dawn - Trelik

13. Maan - Jackin - Tresor

14. Jus Ed - Happy Pussy - Underground Quality