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Martin Guttridge-Hewitt
15 March 2024, 16:20

Boys Noize and Rico Nasty link up on new single, ‘Arintintin’: Listen

Taken from the joint 'HARDCORE DR3AMZ' EP, which lands this month

Boys Noize and Rico Nasty link up on new single, ‘Arintintin’: Listen
Credit: Jamie-Lee Boyd

Boys Noize and Rico Nasty have teamed up for a new single. You can listen to 'Arintintin' below. 

The track was teased earlier this month, and is set to appear on the forthcoming joint EP, 'HARDCORE DR3AMZ'. The full package is slated to land Friday 29th March. 

In February, US rapper and songwriter Rico Nasty and DJ and producer Boys Noize played together at Silencio Club in Paris, where 'Arintintin' was performed live for the first time. Attendees at the pair's recent Berlin show, at Trauma Bar, also got a taste of the track. 

"Me and Boys Noize started working back in 2018... We finally met in real life after being mutuals for like a year. We did one session, it was fire. And then a few months later ended up on the Friendship Cruise together, for the first time. After the cruise, we made 'Money (feat. Flomilli)' and '1+1'  — a song you'll hear very soon on this project," said Rico Nasty.

'Fast forward again, maybe three-four years, and we did a couple more sessions. We kept gravitating towards techno dance music. He started putting me on to German dance music, and we traded a bunch of songs back and forth. Little by little over a few days, we ended up making three more songs that we really loved and decided we wanted to share with the world," she continued. "Every session was so much fun and I'm sure that energy is felt across all of these tracks." 

Earlier this year, Boys Noize linked with Shygirl for the collaboration 'tell me'. Just weeks earlier, he reunited with Skrillex for the first Dog Blood show since 2019. In 2020, Rico Nasty announced plans for her own comic book, 'Nightmare Vacay'.