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Don Diablo launches his own cryptocurrency, HEXCOIN

To fuel the HEXAGONIA world…

Don Diablo has launched a new cryptocurrency titled HEXCOIN. The currency, announced during Austin, TX’s South By Southwest music and technology event, will allow users access to HEXAGONIA — a new digital "ecosystem" designed by Diablo.

Powered by Gaze Coin, the currency will be used to purchase Diablo’s music and merchandise, as well as greater explore the HEXAGONIA platform.

"As a creator of electronic music, I’ve always been engaged in technology and how it can connect my art to the outside world," Diablo provides via a press release. “With HEXCOIN and HEXAGONIA, I see a future where the line between fan, artist and technology blurs, and creativity is unleashed in powerful, measurable ways. I’m extremely excited to welcome Hexagonians and future fans to the next level of technology in music.”

Users must download the HEXCOIN wallet before adding money into the platform. Reports also indicate users will be rewarded for their time spent in HEXAGONIA.

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