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Charlotte Krol
20 September 2023, 14:53

New app, [untitled], launched to help producers share and organise unreleased music securely

It means that users should be able to pass music between each other without fear of leaks

Screenshot of [untitled] app interface

A new app that allows producers and musicians to share and organise their unreleased music safely has launched.

App developer Sin Titulo Inc. has introduced the [untitled] app, with an emphasis on data security.

It means that users can pass music between each other without fear of leaks, with encryption measures employed that are on par with industry leaders such as Dropbox and SoundCloud, as MusicTech reports.

Key features of [untitled] include high-quality lossless audio streaming, seamless recording capabilities for capturing inspiration, and hassle-free uploading from various sources including Apple's Airdrop and iMessage.

Users can also organise their tracks into projects and folders that sync across multiple devices including iPhone and web.

There is an offline mode, too, that allows users to listen, edit, and organise their music even when they don't have an internet connection.

Find out more about the new app here.

The news follows the launch of an app last year called Marine Snow that offers to pay artists upfront for exclusive tracks.