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Christian Eede
4 March 2024, 12:41

This new app recommends random Discogs releases based on genre

Dig This was inspired by a recent segment on digging for music in an interview with CCL

This new app recommends random Discogs releases based on genre

A new app designed to help people dig for music online has gone live.

Dig This is the invention of Philadelphia-based DJ and producer Doris Saturday, who was inspired by a video in which DJ CCL shared some of their own tips for digging for music online, as part of a The Art of DJing interview published by Resident Advisor.

Writing on X, Doris Saturday referenced the inspiration for the digging tool, and added: "I made this app over the weekend that generates a random music recommendation based on a style you're interested in."

When you open the app, five styles of music available on Discogs will be shown – such as Baltimore club, hip-house, electro, Italo house and dark ambient – and if you click on one of the styles, it will take you through to a randomly generated release. You can then click through to the Discogs listing for the record, and search for it on YouTube to try to find audio of the release.

Each time you refresh the app, it will show another five random music styles for you to click.

Try Dig This out for yourself here.

The new app follows on from UK label Timehri developing its own AI vinyl digging tool for Discogs last August.

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