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Martin Guttridge-Hewitt
6 June 2024, 12:30

Discogs introduces filters to wantlist through new acquisition

"The community deserves best-in-class solutions to meet their record-collecting needs"

Discogs Wantlister wantlist

Discogs is set to introduce a range of new filters and search functionalities to wantlists following its acquisition of digital retail technology Wantlister. 

The improvements are currently only available to a group of 'early adopters', but will be rolled out to all accounts soon. 

The world's most popular music sales platform unveiled the update yesterday, Wednesday 5th June, via its blog. Wantlister is a Discogs-specific app which soft launched last year, and is designed to integrate with existing accounts and make it far easier to keep Wantlists organised. 

Customisable filters have been introduced, allowing users to sort items in their Wantlist by price, format, seller location and condition. Notifications are also being overhauled, meaning it's now possible to choose real-time, release-specific, daily or weekly digests. Other benefits to the technology, which was developed by US-based Stoat Labs, include a "dedicated shopping integration catered to the Wantlist". Essentially boosting discovery and search functions, the idea is to make it easier for people to find and buy the records they want.

“The Discogs community deserves best-in-class solutions to meet their record-collecting needs, both those developed in-house and those acquired from equally passionate external sources,” said Discogs Chief Operating Officer Lloyd Starr. “The acquisition and integration of Wantlister addresses immediate needs that our users have been asking about for years. It is just the latest example of our investment to modernise the Discogs platform for all users.”

Last year, an investigation by The Verge revealed increased fees on Discogs, which now charges sellers 9% of every sale's value, had led to a fall in transactions. Since then, the platform has attempted to rebuild trust with its audience through a new Community Advisory Turntable to "advocate for [seller] concerns in an actionable way." 

Learn more about Discogs' acquisition of Wantlister here.