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Classic 2002 mix unearthed by Hatcha exclusively for DJ Mag readers!

Dubstep don Hatcha has kindly given us a piece of history with this classic dubstep set recorded all the way back in 2002, around the time when the term dubstep was being coined and starting to get acknowledged as its own genre. Hatcha and Big Apple were at the forefront of the movement at the time alongside Tempa and the FWD crew.

The mix includes tunes written by Skream and Benga when they were just 14 years old, and to have been writing tunes as influential and timeless as these at that age is nothing short of incredible. High points include Macabre Unit's first ever release 'Its All About', a much overlooked tune that became an absolute anthem in 2002. and Menta's 'Jacknife' — a dubstep/grime crossover that had a huge flip on its release as well.

Most of these records can now be picked up for less than a tenner on Discogs as of now, so DJ Mag recommends doing some surfing, picking yourself up some history before these disappear into the depths of YouTube. 

Skream and Benga - The Judgement
Benga - Star Warz
Skream - ?
Skream - Dubsteppa
Macabre Unit - Its All About
Benga - Skank
Benga - Skank VIP
Jameson - Switch
Skream and Benga - War bootleg
Dubchild - Roll that, light it, smoke it
Benga - Virus
Skream - The Bug
Menta - Jacknife
Jammin - Tonka (Menta Remix)
Benga - Full Cycle
Benni iii VS Hatcha - Highland Spring
Skream - Futures Dark